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Our goal at Paramont Construction & Design is to offer each customer a unique and memorable building experience.  If you choose us to help you build a new home/office, remodel your existing home/office, or just need us to repair a part of your home/office you will not be disappointed.  Our goal is to give you a finished product that actually feels right, fits your lifestyle, and is filled with elegant and stylish details. We do this for you by listening with passion, leading with integrity, and executing with excellence with every home or commercial structure that we build or remodel.


Outlined below are the easy steps we take to guide you through the decision making process.



Before we formally meet with you to talk about your project, we will need some basic information from you about yourself and your project ideas.  Please use the Questionnaire form on our Contact Page (Link) to provide us with a general overview of your project and to provide us with a way to contact you.  Upon review, we one of our project design specialists will contact you to schedule an appointment.



Every project begins with your idea.  What we have to do next is sit down with you and have a conversation discussing your idea in detail.  This allows our team to better understand what you are trying to accomplish with your project, how much you are looking to spend, and how soon you want your idea to become a reality.  Once we have reviewed your completed questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule a formal face to face meeting.   It is recommended that you come to our meeting prepared with any drawings, sketches, example photos or any other details that you envision for your specific project.  Our design specialists will review all of your ideas with you in our office, explore options, and answer any questions that you may have.  At the conclusion of this meeting, our design specialist will turn your project plan over to one of our project managers.  The project manager will then begin the estimating process to determine the materials, necessary building requirements, and the estimated cost.



Following our initial meeting, one of our project managers will begin the estimating process to determine the materials, necessary building requirements, and the estimated cost.  Once he or she has come up with the necessary information, we will provide you with a very detailed estimate.  We will then sit down with you for a second meeting to go over the estimate and design in its entirety.  This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions or to obtain additional information on anything that you are unsure of or that seems a bit confusing.  Paramont Construction will prepare some basic designs, if needed, to support and clarify the estimate.  Once you have had the opportunity to carefully review the information, we’ll begin the necessary paperwork to get your project moving forward.



Once you have had the opportunity to carefully review the information, we will make any necessary changes.  If everything is to your satisfaction and you choose to move forward with your project and select Paramont Construction & Design to do the work, a written contract will be drawn up clearly outlining the responsibilities and what is expected of both parties.



Once you’ve approved the design and scope of work, a formal contract will be written.  The amount of the contract could vary from the original estimate due to changes you’ve requested during the design process.  The plans, specifications sheet, and contract will be signed by you and a representative of Paramont Construction & Design, LLC before breaking ground.  If your project will require any financing, additional documents may be required.  For example, if a lender is involved, they will require a copy of these documents.  Once the contract has been signed, a deposit based on the total estimated construction cost is all that is required to get your construction project on its way to completion.  For your understanding, this deposit allows us to work on more detailed drawings, obtain the necessary permits, and order the required materials to get started building or remodeling.  As the design is refined to meet your individual needs, the scope of work performed will be adjusted as required.

Getting Started With Your Construction Project